Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 10 Films Released in 2010 #4

4. Summer Wars

Though I am by no means an "Otaku" I do occasionally enjoy the foray into japanese animation. This, of course, includes the wonderful works by ghibli's resident masters Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. There are a few series i also enjoy, though mostly i enjoy feature films. The film in discussion Mamoru Hosada's Summer Wars is up there with the big boys of the genre.

It follows the story of a young naive nerdy japanese boy named keichi and his four day part time job playing the role of the intrepid and wily natsuki's fiance. He comes to meet a rather large and rather offbeat family: The Jinouchi clan. The family has (and is continuing to) gathered to celebrate the 90 year old matriarch's birthday. what ensues is a family drama that is both hilarious and emotionally resonant. this is only half of the plot however, for the other half of the film . THe other half is composed of an all encompassing online social network called oz. Eventually, a sentient AI called love machine is released upon the unsuspecting network and eventually causes a string of events that could lead to severely ruining the world. It sounds more farfetched in description rather than in practice! trust me!

the animation in the 'real world' is effective and clasically styled with some nice moments of animation. visually the world of Oz shines through. It's aesthetically stunning relying on red lining instead of the typical black. The avatar's are marvelously quirky ranging from a killer rabit, a yellow sardonic squirrel, and a magical girl fox.

Honestly, there's more to this movie than what appears at first glance. Hilarious, devastating, heartwarming, action-packed and thrilling. this is not only a must see for any fan of anime, but fans of film itself.

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