Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Top 10 Films released in 2010 #5

5. I Am Love

Of all the films to be released in 2010, I would cite this one to prove that cinema IS art. Every single detail of this film evokes emotion, whether it be the incredible performances (especially Tilda Swinton), the John Adams compositions, the production design, costume design, and the great cinematography. This is quintessential arthouse cinema, and easily one of the more fantastic forays. The story chronicles wealthy italian via russia housewife Emma's infidelities with her husband as well as other familial struggles.

Another reason i enjoy this film is the emphasis on cuisine. I (being trained in the culinary arts) reveled in this aspect of the film, and when Emma has what could be the most sexual experience of the film eating shrimp and ratatouille (quite possibly even more so than the racy scene between her and the chef she leaves her husband for) I was giddy with delight. I am one of those believers that food is art, and this didn't hurt its chances at that.

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